Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun with DUP

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers have a monthly meeting where we discuss the history of those pioneers who came to Utah. I have lots of Mormon pioneers in my pedigree chart and stories about them. See http://famhistory1867.com which is my website with all my genealogy stories and photos collected over the past 50+ years. Each month we have a different lesson on pioneer life at DUP. It's a fun organization. Unfortunately I have no daughters of my own to continue on this tradition but perhaps one of my grand daughters will one day. I have a couple of sons who are very interested in genealogy which is a blessing. Our lesson this month was on Pioneer Past Times.

My grandmother Vernon enjoyed handwork as did pioneer women. 
Our DUP officers, I started a camp years ago in New Harmony. 
Our meetings are held at church and all women in our area are invited.
Our new teacher Jerri Francis is a hoot-so funny and in pioneer costume.