Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Article #313 Family Challenges

            Is there a family anywhere that doesn’t have its challenges? Sometimes we might think so when we look at others all dressed up and smiling at church or out on the town together. When we come to know individuals more closely, it’s amazing the trials each person has to overcome. It’s seem to be human nature to always think that life is easier for our neighbors or distant relatives or the other people in the world than for our selves.

            Why? Some may ask, is life so difficult at times? Why can’t it just be fun and games? These are questions many of our youth probably want to ask adults. Looking back at our immediate ancestors lives, we may find some answers. Through their diligence, hard work and perseverance, they worked to creaste more opportunities for us. Their example of faith and hope during trials can motivate us to carry the family tradition of conquering our challenges, overcoming personal weaknesses and striving to become a better person who contributes something good to the world.

            Why are there wars, epidemics, terrorism, suicides, corruption in our modern day world? It’s almost easier to become a pessimist and give up on there being any purpose or meaning to life. And many have. It’s a wild crazy mixed up world we live in these days with few answers or good examples to follow. Hopefully you can be an example to your family and descendents to give them courage to continue to find meaning in each day’s struggle. Strength and personal growth can come when we overcome tests that we each have. Finding faith in a higher power who created this universe can bring peace and purpose no matter what religion or belief system you follow.

            Are there examples from your family of loved ones who overcame tremendous odds and difficulties to become a beacon of hope for you as you strive to live each day better than the last one? I think back on parents, grandparents, cherished uncles, aunts or cousins who through their daily struggles showed me the way to overcome my trials. Not give up, but pressing forward, showing kindness and love to others as walk the daily journey called LIFE. Collect your memories and write down what you remember of family members who have helped you in life. Then share them with us and your loved ones. NEXT TIME: Not Forgotten.


  1. My dad, who was a farmer and inventor of more efficient ways of doing things always told us, "There is nothing you can't do, if you set your mind to it."

  2. Very good and true post. I hope by the way I'm living my life I am an encourager to my children and grandchildren. They see the struggles we've been through and that we haven't given up. My mother was that way and I think we follow what we've seen.

  3. I just wrote a post about my Mother ...there are things I learned and admired