Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday activities-continued

Cedar Breaks from elevation 10,000-its 68 degrees up here.
Amazing colors in the rocks as seen from viewpoints above.
Simply breathtaking-God's handiwork and art in nature's beauty!
Navaho Lake a reservoir high in the Cedar Mountains

Many trees have died because of the beetles disease. 
Looking up at Cedar Breaks from below on the highway. 
Heading back down the canyon and homeward bound....


  1. Lin,so sad to see those trees! We had an "oak wilt" here in Texas that is a virus that killed off a lot of the live oak trees. Your shots from the mountains are beautiful!

  2. What an incredible journey, and no doubt about it. Thanks for taking me off my coast for a while!

  3. I thought about Cedar Breaks yesterday when you said you were in the Cedar Mountains. We stopped at that National Monument on our trip in the southwest the year I retired. I remember it was cold there in late September. So beautiful!