Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Kill and Boat Report

The boat builder is sanding both sides before painting the prime coat
Lots of winter kill from our December snow and frost...
Day lilies survived but the bush next to it is dead. 
This was once a beautiful palm plant but no more...
The grass plant on the left will regrow but the other plants are gone.
Most of our large shrubs and the Live Oak tree next to the casita are gone.
Our neighbors evergreens are red, not sure they will green up.
Even the Texas Sage bush is dry and brittle.
Our Oleander bushes aren't growing anymore but the honeysuckle survived.


Jean said...

Sorry to see so much winter kill. That must be discouraging, because trees and shrubs are expensive to replace. On a positive note, though, the boat is looking almost ready to be put into the water!

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Our yard has similar damage. I guess it is tough to find plants that can survive a temperature range from 2 degrees (like our cold snap) to 110 degrees in the summer. My favorite pomegranate tree is mostly dead too; so sad.

Terri Tiffany said...

The boat looks great!

Linda Reeder said...

Oh my! You did suffer real landscape damage. What a shame. I remember when you recently had some of your yard redone. All that work and money gone.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh dear...such a harsh winter

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Lin, I've been enjoying the progress reports of the Boat Builder in action. Amazing.

I noted in your comment on my last post that you've had the daffodils and spring blossoms and you're already heading into summer.

We woke to winter this morning... again. No daffodils up anywhere in our part of the world. Except in vases on our book shelf. LOL

Since I refuse to let the weather dictate my moods, I'm still enjoying Spring 'on the inside'.

Wishing you a beautiful day!