Monday, March 3, 2014

Shopping Again

New store in town ROCKET FIZZ-candy and soda pop...
Time to explore a new shop in town, where candy bars are only $5 each!
Any kind of pop you can imagine, only $10 for 6 bottles!
Don't ever bring your kids or grand kids here...
Ah memories from the past, it was a different time then...
Lots of cute signs and posters from the past
Any flavor you're interested in, they have for a PRICE!
Penny candy like this costs $6 for a small bag full
Stonecutters Ice Cream next door has this fun handle...


  1. Well, it's bright and colorful, at least, a fun place to visit, if not to shop.

  2. Really fun looking place, but I'd have to stay away. It's too tempting. Pricy too.