Friday, March 14, 2014

Mesquite Art Salon Reception

Every year since 2009, I've participated in the Mesquite Fine Arts Salon competition. Submitting poems that are then selected by artists to make some kinds of painting or art project. It's always fun and exciting. Last year and this year I received an Honorable Mention Award for my poem with its accompanying artwork. This year there were 70 poems submitted and 40 were selected. I had 5 that were displayed.

"Garden of Balm" was my poem used for a watercolor by a talented artist
whose name I can't read from the photo-sorry! We both won HM awards.
Gary Christian, a very talented poet, who is a retired lawyer
My poem entitled "Woman's Hands" with a charcoal
drawing of an elderly woman's hands.
Creative interpretation of Gary Christian's poem entitled
"Coolest Jazz in Town"-love the colors!
Another poem of mine called "Cosmic Mystery"
Fellow poets:( l-r) Leah Zollinger and Marilyn Ball
Marilyn Ball won Honorable Mention and Sponsor's Choice
for her poem "Missing Piece." Notice the gorgeous oil painting that resulted.
Tasty buffet too was enjoyed by all. It was fun to intermingle
Getting my Honorable Mention award and meeting an artist inspired by my poem
Most of us are retired people, this is Karlynn Jones' interpretation
of my poem entitled "Tumbleweed." She did a great job I think!
My poem is entitled "Wildfires" but the art was!

Best of show was captured by the cowboy with hat above.
He made a miniature saddle of leather with all the details


Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

Nice, Lin!

And congratulations...

Linda Reeder said...

What satisfying fun for you, Lin! Well done, again!