Wednesday, March 5, 2014


BYU Ballet Theatre on tour visited our town recently
Their program featured excerpts from several popular ballets
Children-boys and girls were invited early to meet the dancers
At intermission time, children were invited to dance on stage with the performers
What fun for the kids who came in princess and prince's costumes
No set steps just dancing spontaneously with the ballet dancers
Makes you want to be young again but it was fun watching the kids joy
There were many participants who came with their parents to this cultural evening
Time for the college dancers to exit for the rest of the program
Proud moms and wantabe ballerinas posed for the cameras
A lovely experience reminded me of my dancing days years ago


  1. What a lovely opportunity for the kids!

  2. I wonderful for the kids and to stir memories from your days as a dancer... Michelle

  3. I wish we could have seen you dancing, Lin.