Friday, March 7, 2014

Article # 284 What's Your Heritage?

Whether you were raised by parents, grandparents or someone else, their example definitely molded you. Sheila Sapp of St. George tells us about her mom’s qualities: My mother Donna Park York was a living angel to say the very least. She was always there when you needed her and yet always helping others. Her mom died when my mom was six years old. I often wondered if that was why mom tried so hard and was such a good mother, because she wanted to make our lives everything hers was not. Always taking care of others whether it was food or personal care for them, she never slept. Didn’t have time, she seemed to have too much to accomplish here on this earth.
         There was a cannery and railroad tracks across from State Street in Orem, Utah where I lived. Word of mouth got out to the men (hobos) who hitched a ride on the train that there was a lady in Orem who would feed them. Many times in my youth, there would be someone down and out, knocking on our back door. Mom would tell them to wait while she’d prepare them food. My dear sweet mom passed away at the age of sixty accomplishing much here on earth in a short span of years.

            Juanita Robbins of St. George remembers with fondness the influence of her grandparents in Douglas, Georgia. Raymond Carver was a kind tender-hearted man, as was his son, Bazie, my father. Once when grandpa had to punish the boys for something they had done, he told them that it would hurt him more than them. This was hard for them to conceive. He had them bend over the side of the porch and used a razor strap to spank them. Not long afterwards, he was found out by the barn wiping tears from his eyes.
           I remember when I was in my early teens, taking a bus to and from Douglas by myself to stay with my grandmother Nancy Carver for a week or two at a time. While there I made friends with a neighbor girl. She invited me to go on a hayride with a group of young people. My grandmother wouldn’t let me go. She said this girl was wild. No amount of crying or pouting would change her mind. I was later grateful for Grandma’s watching over me. Her intentions were good. NEXT TIME: Example of Parents. 

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Thanks for sharing this nice post, Lin. It was a good read, brought back fond memories of hayrides when I was a young girl.

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