Tuesday, January 7, 2014

You LIGHT UP my life...a shopping trip

An after Christmas shopping spree with BFF Caryn
My current chandelier that I'd like replaced...
It's okay but was selected by the original owners for their decor
Looking for Southwestern designed chandelier, something like this #1
So here are more choices #2-I like the shape of the glass shades on this one
This one #3 has simpler lines and but similar shape shades to #1 
And #4 in the center, simpler lines but shades like #2. Will take hubby to decide.
Favorite part of shopping-lunch at Paula's Mexican Restaurant
Caryn's looking for new furniture for her new home in Ogden
Old lamp coming down, the ceiling is 13 ft high...
Hubby helps with new chandelier going up
The finished project, I like it!


  1. Its always nice to update...it looks lovely. Enjoy the light.

  2. Hi, Caryn! It's good to see your face!
    Lunch looks wonderful, and I really like your new chandelier!

  3. very nice...sort of reminds me of the one we put in our dining room.

  4. That chandelier is very nice, Lin. I like it a loot. Hi,Caryn... I sure do miss you lady!