Sunday, January 26, 2014 I-pad mini

I'm usually about 3 years or more behind in technology but I'm catching up with my new I-pad. Have had one lesson already and two more to go at Simply Mac. After a demonstration at Relief Society-our church women's organization on tablets, etc. as a way to access the scriptures, I was convinced and bought me a new I-pad 3. Of course it's already obsolete, but so am I. Lol!

I love it and the ease of looking up cross referenced scriptures. Mormons use the King James Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants-revelations given to Joseph Smith our prophet during the re-establishment of the Church, and the Pearl of Great Price-containing the complete book of Moses and Abraham and Joseph Smith's history. It's amazing! They are all available to download or to read by clicking on the links above. I used to carry all these books with me each Sunday to church plus several manuals for Sunday School and Relief Society-now it all fits inside my purse with my I-pad.

Electronic scriptures plus manuals, etc.-what an invention
I finally modernized and now have all my scriptures available on an I-pad 
I can also read books, surf the Internet, do email, etc. Interesting invention.


  1. I have to say this is the first time I have heard about using technology to replace the Bible! :-)
    Why not. we use it for everything else. Tom and I love our smart phones, which we have only had since October.

  2. Oh my! I was wondering about that Mini. It's a temptation.

  3. so glad you entered the digital era this way, the iPad. we have a man in the ward who freaks out about this...saying it's not real scriptures and have I ever seen the prophets use one. I had to answer, yes..of course. They read from the teleprompter every time. He just walked off in a huff. I started carrying my digitals when my leg and arm was the same time...just could not carry around my large print quad.

    Plus, if the church opposed these things, they would not have made them so readily available.

    Good for you!