Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallows Eve

November 1st, a day to remember loved ones passed on.
Hallows eve, the night before becomes HALLOWEEN.
A time of dressing up and trick or interesting.
Vampires, skeletons, witches and zombies dominate the night.

A traditional holiday that has little to do with holiness, 
focused on fantasy, and greediness for trick or treaters.
How of most children's favorite holidays.
My least favorite as I disappear in my darkened home.

Oh yes, I know it's creative and cheap fun for kids.
But all that sugar isn't good for young growing bodies,
not to mention the tooth decay. I remember as a teacher
the sugar high of my students that lasted for days on end.

Now fall and AUTUMN, that's something to celebrate.
The end of the hot summer temperatures, the beginning
of preparing for the retirement of winter for all growing
things including man and God's creations––nature.


  1. It's interesting that my granddaughter's school has banned Halloween. They have fall festivals, but no costumes or Halloween type treats. Everything needs to be healthful. Some parents are balking, but I think it's great.

  2. I'm all for celebrating Halloween the traditional way - costumes, candy and FUN!
    The eve of All Saints Day ( All Halloweds Eve) is much like Mardi Gras before the beginning of Lent. Let it all hang out, and then do penance. In this case, the evil spirits are free to roam until midnight, when they are banished by the saints.