Friday, October 11, 2013


Lately my computer mouse isn't cooperating.
I click in one location, but nothing happens. 
How frustrating, when I'm working quickly 
to have to stop and click...several times. 

 This isn't normal, my mind says. So now what? 
Quickly I think...Well maybe my mouse is full 
of dust accumulated over hours of clickly wildly?
 It's worth a try. So, off for the screw drivers I go. 

 Doubts set in...What if I wreck the mouse and 
it doesn't ever work again; how can I cope? 
Well, that type of thinking gets me nowhere. 
Being a dare devil, I quickly undo the screw. 

Now, the mouse is lying helpless before me. 
Unplugged from its source of power and open. 
Immediately I spy a small dust ball next 
to the wheel. This is an optical mouse! 

Well, whatever...I remove the dust ball, 
gently blow any other cobwebs away. 
I wonder if it's possible to do the same 
with my ever cluttered mind and hard drive?


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Good work, Lin. Dustballs seem to congregate in the most interesting places. I think I have a few in my mind as well.

Linda Reeder said...

I hope it worked. And yes, too bad we don't have a clean out screw in our heads.

Sandy Carlson said...

Fur balls are a problem for mice as well as cats! I can relate to your feelings of trepidation as you went for the screwdrivers...