Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn is HERE!

Time to get in the mood for my favorite season-FALL!
It's a scarecrow from China
It says Autumn in English!
No autumn leaves around here yet, so these are fake!

Just a little fall decor sneaking into the house!
Gone is the SUMMER door decoration, on to FALL

A real live small PUMPKIN awaits a larger one yet to be bought!
Replacing a Memosa tree that had bores and was dying.

Time to spruce up the back yard for winter.
An empty space where a really scraggly plant struggled each year


  1. Love the Fall decorations. This is also my favorite time of the year. The weather here in Ohio is was 65 degrees today.

  2. Gorgeous decorations! I love this time of year. I think I love change!