Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Article #264 Attitude Adjustments

            Many of you may go to a chiropractor for an adjustment for back or joint pain. The relief you receive is well worth the time and money, but there is another adjustment that is free and just as needed to live more fully…an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. So how do you accomplish that? First of all, recognize that perhaps you need one. I hear too many retired individuals my age when asked, How are you? Responding, Oh-don’t ask. Or they spend all their time retelling the details of their latest operation or doctor experience. Maybe it’s time to focus on something else? Although, we all enjoy sympathy and pity parties.
            Instead of lamenting your health problems, what if you spend your time cheering others on in their efforts to live more happily? Encouraging comments like: I certainly admire your get up and go OR You are so talented in your quilting or golfing, etc. What you FOCUS on, determines your viewpoint or how you perceive life. Perhaps you need a paradigm shift: a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change––YOU. (
            Try exploring in your journal or if you don’t keep one on a piece of paper your current attitude toward your life. Are you PESSIMISTIC or OPTIMISTIC? How does your outlook affect your life and those that you interact with? Are you ANGRY at where you find yourself in life or GRATEFUL for opportunities that come your way? Are you grieving for your lost youth and not taking advantage of these golden years when you are free from child rearing or career pressures to be able to DEVELOP TALENTS or take more interest in STRENGTHENING family relationships?
            There is a group unity that is untapped within your family and relationships with friends and community that can be realized with an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. When two or more people working together are able to accomplish more than the sum of each person working alone, it’s called SYNERGY. Sometimes it takes a tragedy like a death of a loved one or a serious illness in your life to discover that you need others to make your life more meaningful. Is there some adjustment to your attitude that could allow this process to happen in your life? NEXT TIME: Useful Pride.

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dellgirl said...

Great advice, Lin. Thanks for sharing this very enlightening post, a lot of us really do need an attitude adjustment.