Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Sound of Music

I used to live in this beautiful Utah Valley at the foot of 
Mount Timpanogos, my favorite mountain. Now I visit
my two sons and their families who live here and attend
my grandchildren's concerts and other activities occasionally.

There are actually three choirs together here, oldest
girls in blue and two different age choirs in white.

That's the twins-Heather in glasses and Emilee next to her.
They both sang beautifully. I was so proud of them.

Surprise, grandson James in the front row, third from the right,
singing in a younger choir. He's musically talented and
turned 7 years old last month on April 6th-growing up fast.

The older girls choir, ages 14-18.

Their talented director in black. A special Mother's Day treat
for me and their family. Tina, the mom, is on the right.