Saturday, May 25, 2013


Collage by Lin of her mother Evelyn
Memorial Day is a time of remembering
 those who wait for us in the next estate.
Freed from earth's travails by death's call, 
they are not forgotten, remembered still. 

 Father, mother, grandparents so dear, 
all reside in peace-free from human frailties, 
waiting for our reunion one day with God 
the Father of us all, the source of family. 

 Love binds us together, shared experiences 
of daily living and interaction. Placing flowers 
on their graves symbolizes our devotions 
to eternal families-their everlasting value. 

One day we will be together recalling 
with joy: precious minutes, hours, days 
and years apart after their departure. 
They are not forgotten, remembered still.

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