Friday, May 10, 2013

I EAR You...

My ear has been crackling off and on for a week now. Of course, I'm thinking I'm needing a hearing aid! So, I wrote this poem. 


Old age is catching up with me
as I visited the hearing doctor today.
My ear is constantly crackling
with every new sound. It’s annoying.
He asks....Can you hear this or this?
What’s that you say? I reply.

It’s to be expected with aging?
But it just sneaked up on me.
One day I was young then
suddenly I’m older than my grandma.
I don’t want to wear a hearing aid.
What’s that you said?

Good news just wax in my ear! I have excellent hearing. the young enough to my grandson doctor says.


Sandy Carlson said...

Life is a brutal accountant!

Jean said...

I'm currently on a mission to remove the wax in my right ear. I feel your pain!