Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello from Heather

I'm sitting here with my grandmother, we are chatting about how to make a blog. When I create my blog, I want people to understand that there are great things that everyone can explore. Thats why I am going to put on my quotes I have written, and also a few poems I made up.
L-R- Heather (me), Dad, Nathan, and Emilee!
What is the most important thing that has a meaning? 
Many things come and go, whether it be the little things, or even the big things. You know that they are whats most important to you, and you alone. There are some things that aren't even of this world, the world that we currently live on now. He's always watching, waiting for when his children to kneel down in prayer. He's always waiting to hear what you are facing, because he knows what you are facing. He knows the trials you face. Like in the scriptures, "If any of you lack wisdom , let him ask of god." Heavenly father is always there, all you have to do is ask, and he shall give unto you what you need. Heavenly father doesn't want any of his children to suffer, no matter how big or small their sufferings can be. When the right time comes, and when you choose that time....The spirit will come to you, telling you it is time to tell heavenly father, you can't do it alone. Kneel down in prayer, he will always help, it may not always be a quick motion like a thought or feeling. But in the end he will always answer.... By Heather

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