Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

It's that time again to visit family in Northern Utah and enjoy my six grandchildren who live closest to me. This holiday gives us the opportunity to honor our MOTHERS and the WOMEN in our lives who have MADE a DIFFERENCE. Who were the women in your life who made a difference? Some of them may not have been mothers and even younger than you. Looking back I have to thank:

1. My MOTHER for giving birth to me and devoting her life to nurturing me through the years as she struggled as a young widow to provide a home and opportunities for me.

l-r Cousin, grandmother, aunt, uncle,
me with doll and my other cousin
2. My GRANDMAS who gave me unconditional love, their time to listen to my concerns, and modeled for me a woman's role as homemaker, cook, baker and nurturer of all.

3. My AUNTS, each unique in their examples of faith, devotion, persistence, cheerfulness and thrift.

4. My COUSINS who have been like sisters to me.

5. My STEP DAUGHTERS for accepting me into their family.

6. My DAUGHERS-IN-LAW for their devotion to their families and nurturing my grandchildren.

7. My GRAND DAUGHTERS who though still young, inspire me to be a good example to them.

8. TEACHERS throughout the years in schoolrooms, dance studios, college, community and church who helped me to become a better person.

9. FRIENDS like you who care enough to reach out and communicate with me.

10. My HEAVENLY MOTHER who though not known, nevertheless taught and prepared me for earth life.

As we HONOR women today, what WOMEN are you grateful for in your life? Please leave me a comment about that.

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