Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Article #244 Mistakes

       Sometimes you mysteriously make mistakes. Many oldsters call it a “senior moment.” Being a writer I try to be careful with words, but sometimes errors happen without my knowledge. In a recent column this sentence lost a word: So making a shift in your thinking that maybe there is suppose to be opposition in the world either created by a HIGHER POWER or a BIG BANG... The word that somehow got deleted when it was published was power. So, the sentence read… the world either created by a HIGHER or a BIG BANG. Even I had to laugh at that because what is a Higher Bang?
      Perhaps it was a Freudian slip, but after checking my original document it has the word HIGHER POWER in it. When I copied this column to send to the editor, the word power was somehow left out. I couldn’t blame the editor because that’s the way I emailed it to him. So, guess I’ll blame my COMPUTER. (Maybe it’s my higher bang?) Somewhere between copy and paste my machine took on a mind of its own and deleted the very important word of power. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to proof read better after copying and pasting in the future.
           Other times I’ve confidently written down a day and a date to release for publicity reasons only to find out that Tuesday the 12th is actually Thursday the 12th of a month. How embarrassing to have to admit a MISTAKE. But it’s better to just laugh it off than to take it personally. That gets me nowhere, but older and crazier. So let’s all agree to LAUGH at our senior mistakes and cut others some slack for their little idiosyncrasies. Now there’s a word for you that I bet you don’t use everyday…lol!
            Sometimes honest mistakes can turn to your advantage when an opportunity you didn’t plan on opens up possibilities of something new that just mysteriously appears. Many marriages and relationships start that way. That might make a good topic for writing in your life story to show your posterity that life can be fun and exciting, if you allow it to surprise you at times. Find a pencil right now and write down some mistakes you’ve made in your life and how they turned out to be for your benefit. You’ve started to tell your life story. NEXT TIME: Surprises! 

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Sandy Carlson said...

I appreciate your insight. Many good things come out of mistakes. Always keep a sense of humor!