Friday, May 31, 2013

Where did MAY go?

All of a sudden it's the last day of MAY
Amazing you say, the month just began
BUT it's gone. Over and out. Mayday, Mayday!
Not to worry JUNE and summer will be NEXT.

My GOALS for this next month are CLEAR
finish up all the LITTLE and BIG PROJECTS
that I didn't get done this past month: PUBLISH
my book DISCOVER Your Voice after Divorce,

SUBMIT more POEMS to contests, VISIT family
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, SUPPORT hubby in
his search for a HOMESTEAD closer to home,
EXERCISE and LOSE weight. Wish me LUCK!

TOGETHER: day after day, week after week,
year after year. We believe in FAMILY!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Article #247 Why Families?

            I was in my early twenties when the hippie generation was in full swing proclaiming FREEDOM from responsibilities whether: government, church or family duties. Free love was the theme; hippies were known as the flower children. Make love not war was their cry. It was the sixties and the Vietnam war was in full swing, Draft card and bra burning were common among these youthful rebels. Freedom was to be pursued at all costs as youth left their families and formed communes where unfortunately drug use and other anti-social behaviors destroyed many traditional values carefully built over generations.
            Rebellion against societal norms is not a recent invention. It has been going on within families and countries throughout history. In the Bible, we see the first family placed on earth had a rebellious son Cain who slays his brother Abel in a fit of jealousy. Parents of every generation have sighed as their offspring rebel against family standards and push back the norms of acceptable behavior. Today the call is heard again for FAIRNESS. There is no need for traditional families or control of behavior in society or movies or literature. ANYTHING GOES. That sounds familiar. I’ve seen the results. It isn’t a new banner or slogan. There are standards of behavior that are needed to insure that our youth grow up in a safe sane society.
            There is a reason for a man and a woman to join together in a formal agreement before beginning a family. It gives security and structure to their offspring, and a model to emulate. The world declares in the court room and newspapers that it’s all right for anyone to marry regardless of sexual orientation, and demands that this be taught in our schools as the new norm because to do otherwise is censorship and taking away individual rights. That’s when I feel a need to proclaim just as loudly my views that though in the majority seem to be discarded under the disguise of FREEDOM at any cost.
            I have seen the results of years of traditional families breaking up because of the new norms of finding yourself and free expression for all. This enables many divorces and the result may be for one individual freedom, but for those discarded and left behind it is bondage to heartache and poverty and struggles. It seems that the cry for FAIRNESS doesn’t address this. NEXT TIME: Fairness.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Row Row Row Your BOAT...

Lots of gluing going on these days as 
hubby progresses slowly with the boat.

Everything has to be carefully and precisely fitted,
then glued and screwed into place, layer by layer.

Not to mention the sanding and shaping of all the parts

The back of the boat.

Three strakes fitted, only 15 to go...patience!

The back end of the boat-it's coming together!

The launch date is far off in the future...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Twin Grand daughter's Birthday #15

Will miss seeing you on your 15th birthday.
Happy Birthday Emilee & Heather

Happy Birthday #15-can't believe how fast you are growing!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Collage by Lin of her mother Evelyn
Memorial Day is a time of remembering
 those who wait for us in the next estate.
Freed from earth's travails by death's call, 
they are not forgotten, remembered still. 

 Father, mother, grandparents so dear, 
all reside in peace-free from human frailties, 
waiting for our reunion one day with God 
the Father of us all, the source of family. 

 Love binds us together, shared experiences 
of daily living and interaction. Placing flowers 
on their graves symbolizes our devotions 
to eternal families-their everlasting value. 

One day we will be together recalling 
with joy: precious minutes, hours, days 
and years apart after their departure. 
They are not forgotten, remembered still.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Article #246 Changing Roles

            For young people growing up today the adult world can be confusing. Male and female roles seem to be changing constantly. Men are not always the only provider and women’s roles are evolving too. Many wives no longer choose the homemaker-nurturer duties or do this while working fulltime outside the home. Some unemployed dads struggle with the role of Mr. Mom. In the old days, roles were clearer, but World War II changed that. Many military husbands came home to find their wives working in factories and in businesses because of the war. With women competing for jobs, it became more difficult for men to find employment.
            The husband as the main wage earner has changed since those days. The result has been a less stable family system and an economy where a STAY AT HOME MOM is a luxury that many can’t afford or want. Families are smaller. Many women don’t marry or bear children or are divorced or never married. Girls are taught to develop their talents and abilities, to prepare for a career one day if needed.

            Independence of women has come with a large price tag. It has enabled many wives to escape unhappy or unhealthy marriages, but it‘s TOO EASY these days to divorce. Single parent households run by struggling dads or moms are common. I remember the pressures and stress of working and trying to manage my family responsibilities plus the adjustments to our family because of divorce. It was necessary for me to work to support my family on the meager child support payments I received.
            Do I think all women should be kept at home, barefoot and pregnant? No. But I also think many of our society’s problems can be traced back to mom’s leaving the home to compete with men in the workplace. Can women do a better job in business? Perhaps, but the cost to men’s self esteem and their traditional role in the family has been devastating. We have become a society revolving around consumerism and suffering from massive unemployment. 
           I know many will disagree with me on this topic, but I’m just sharing my personal philosophy from being in the trenches and in the work place wanting to be HOME to do my most important job better…MOTHERING. If we don’t want to give our best energies to nurturing our family, maybe we should rethink our priorities. NEXT TIME: Why Families?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Edmund

I missed Edmund's 1st birthday on May 20th. Somehow I had it written in my planner as June 20th. Happy Birthday EDMUND-my youngest grandchild!

Just born, a year ago-he was so small but...

he's growing fast. All dressed up for Easter Sunday.

He's a cutie with his big blue eyes!

Checking out his Easter basket with his dad Jeffrey

What's in here? Mostly toys, a little candy...

Eating a cutie with Grandma Lin.

Playing with the remote-a new toy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sickness HITS Me...


What a surprise!
One minute you are fine,
then you are losing your lunch.

Out of control!
The body's in charge, and
something wants out of the stomach.

The only problem
we are at a restaurant.
So, I exit quickly to the bathroom.

Later on the way home,
I lose control again while
hubby tries to calmly drive me home.

What a sweetheart-
patient and calm, so helpful
even cleaning out the inside of the car!

Was it food poisoning
or just stress or a strain of flu?
Who knows, just happy now it's gone.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This past Saturday, I attended Heritage Writers Guild
Boot Camp for Writers with teacher Jack Remick.

I listened and learned lots about writing techniques.

About 20 people attended. Somehow, I volunteered
to head up the refreshment committee. Lots of work.

My favorite part was the writings we did, then shared.

New ideas to use. Time to return to my work in progress:
Discover Your Voice After Divorce, Death and Other Losses.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Sound of Music

I used to live in this beautiful Utah Valley at the foot of 
Mount Timpanogos, my favorite mountain. Now I visit
my two sons and their families who live here and attend
my grandchildren's concerts and other activities occasionally.

There are actually three choirs together here, oldest
girls in blue and two different age choirs in white.

That's the twins-Heather in glasses and Emilee next to her.
They both sang beautifully. I was so proud of them.

Surprise, grandson James in the front row, third from the right,
singing in a younger choir. He's musically talented and
turned 7 years old last month on April 6th-growing up fast.

The older girls choir, ages 14-18.

Their talented director in black. A special Mother's Day treat
for me and their family. Tina, the mom, is on the right.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Article #245 Surprises

            How you view life is influenced by your attitude. It’s easy to look at others and make snap assessments about their life which may or may not be true. Do you do the same thing with yourself by judging your challenging situations too quickly, not seeing the hidden gifts that can come from difficult surpriseS? Failure may seem only a step away as you fall over stumbling blocks unless you see that with some creativity, unwanted surprises can be turned into stepping stones.
            For most people who marry, divorce can be seen as a failure of the highest magnitude. Whatever the cause of this surprise separation, two formerly in love partners did commit once to live together. I would rate my divorce as my biggest challenge in life. As I’ve gained the perspective of years, I can see how it’s actually benefited me in many ways. Being a single parent demanded that I build on my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. Raising four sons alone required ingenuity and lots of patience that I reluctantly developed. There was the choice of lamenting the unfairness of it all, the why me or pity parties that could’ve dominated my thinking if allowed or I could choose to move on with the daily demands of supporting and nurturing my growing family of four active boys.
            Raised as an only child, the biggest surprise for me after becoming a mother was that siblings sometimes disagree with each other. As a single parent, I became a REFEREE, BREAD EARNER, COACH, and CHEERLEADER all wrapped up in one package called Mom. Was I successful every day? No, there were times when I was ready to dump my responsibilities and run away, but to where? The love and commitment for my children became stronger after my divorce and steadied my course through their teen years that were full of surprises.
            Fast forward, now as a grand parent I find I have less patience with grand children’s misbehavior than I remember having as a parent. Maybe because…I’ve been there, done that before. Not that my love is any less for these children of my children, but I don’t have the same responsibility towards them as their parents do. SURPRISE! I’m in a new role where I can give advice (when asked) and be a resource of love and encouragement to all generations of my family. NEXT TIME: Changing Roles

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A new swimming pool

Daniel, Tina and family have a NEW POOL with
an automatic cover that protects its use when not wanted.

I hear it all started at Christmastime when Santa
was in the backyard digging a big hole in the grass!

Now filled with salt water, it's a pool for the family.

with a unique diving board used by the kids

plus a water slide into the pool .

Lots of places to lounge and relax. See Dan in the
corner hot tub while Tina and I watch everyone.

Even a basketball stand to try to throw balls into.

And an automatic campfire that lights instantly.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Day After Mother's Day

Mother's day with my son Daniel, wife Tina and
growing too quickly grandkids: Emilee, Nathan, Heather
and James in front. Photographer is my hubby Allen

Below my youngest son Jeff holding his son Edmund,
his wife Rachel sitting, dg Lorien and Grandpa Paul

I am visiting with my Grandmother, we are discussing
 how to create a blog. Hopefully 
I can make one, fingers crossed. (Emilee)

L-R (Emilee, Dad, and Heather)
From Christmas pass