Saturday, November 24, 2012

Home safely

 Thanksgiving morning omelets-so yummy

 Dan the cook in action!

 Newest grandson Edmund not sure who I am

Edmund started to cry so I returned him to Daddy Jeff 

 Dg-in-law Rachel made some yummy mashed potatoes

 I kept the grandkids busy with art projects

 (l-r) Heather, Lorien and James working creatively,
Nathan was sick and sleeping, Emilee somewhere?

Grandpa's favorite spot-looking for a homestead!

 The brined turkey-so good. Dan and Tina tried some new recipes

Some of the group we filled the table and sandwich bar with Rachel's
family who joined us. With 5 grandkids + nine adults, it was a feast!

The only sad part was Lorien had an
accident on the trampoline and will
have to have a cast on her leg!
(photo by her family)


  1. Great celebrations.Sorry for Lorein, I wish her speedy recovery.

  2. Poor Lorien. I'm sure it will heal quickly.

    What a fantastic Thanksgiving you had, Lin. You have such a beautiful family.

  3. I'm glad you had such a lovely family Thanksgiving. and now you ar safely back home.
    I suspect it's going to be tricky keeping little Lorien still while that leg heals.