Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Humor

I took my teenage twin grand daughters out to lunch and to BYU's Art Museum for a special time together the day before Thanksgiving. Their younger brother James age 6, overheard us talking about going and said, I want to go the art museum. So I asked him, What is an art museum? And he looked at me with puzzlement on his face and  answered, I don't know. That gave us all a good laugh and a teaching moment to explain about what museums are. It wasn't the place he was interested in, but the extra attention of a grandparent. Times to remember!

When their family comes to visit us in a few weeks on their way to Disneyland before Christmas, we'll all go see Anasazi Ridge nearby where there are lots of petroglyphs that boys will enjoy seeing! Above James was very curious about our Viking ancestors and watched the i-movie I had made about my trip to Iceland. He's a smart little boy! Maybe when he's older I'll take him to an art museum.

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