Saturday, November 10, 2012

Article #220 Celebrate

My husband and I have both been divorced, so the likelihood that we’ll be one of those happy couples to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary isn’t possible during our lifetime unless we both live to be over 100 years old. We will be happy to reach the milestone of our 20th anniversary in 2013. Then we’ll celebrate our commitment to marriage the following year in 2014 as we each got married 50 years ago to our first spouse.

Byrd Baylor, a children’s author, in her delightful book I’m in Charge of Celebrations points out to readers that there are many things to celebrate each day. For us Senior Citizens, sometimes just being able to get out of bed and be mobile is cause for a party! Another day of life not to be taken for granted. Baylor who lives alone in the desert says, How could I be lonely, I’m the one in charge of celebrations. I put myself in charge and choose my celebrations…not just the ones they close schools for. She has a notebook where she writes down those events she wants to remember forever. (Clipart from

What a positive attitude! Wouldn’t you love to be her friend when she points out the most marvelous sunset taking place right now outside your window or reminds you to notice the coolness in the air that marks that lovely transition into autumn weather? There are many occasions in all of our lives to celebrate or make special besides the normal holidays. Children are very good at this. I remember my teenage grand daughters telling me how much fun they had during our last visit together. So I asked them what they remembered? It wasn’t a trip to Tuacahn for a special play, but simply walking on the nearby labyrinth and discussing afterwards how it was like life. We will always remember and celebrate that day and have photos to remind us of the feelings we shared.

Start looking today for unique events to make each day memorable. Don’t miss those hours of beginning and endings when the sunlight returns and then disappears again, birds singing in nearby trees or the opportunity to enjoy just another ordinary day. Even problems to make us grow can be celebrated and recognized for the growing tools that they are. Don’t look back on life with regrets, but forward with gratitude for lessons learned, experiences gained and CELEBRATE. NEXT TIME: An Ordinary Day


SandyCarlson said...

The big numbers mean so much less than the here and now... Thanks for the reminder.

Kay said...

The main thing is that you've now found the love of your life and every year is a blessing.