Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Anniversary

Friday the 13th of November 1992

Twenty years ago we met in Provo, Utah
I lived there-you were a visitor from New Mexico
come north to see your daughter Alicia at BYU.

You just happened to come to a singles dance.
Both of us recently divorced, I was a regular attendee.
It was your first dance as a lonely single man.

Starting at a SLC singles dance, you found them
too old. So you ventured to Provo 40 miles away.
Walked in late to your second dance that night.

I spied you almost immediately-tall and alone.
Moving through the crowd at the sidelines,
I started a conversation about the dance.

Found out it was your first time there and
that you couldn't dance. So, I offered to teach
you to dance. It was a hopeless challenge.

One thing lead to another dance the next night
then an invite to dinner at my place, phone calls,
letters-a long distant courtship between Utah-NM.

In a short time about 3 months we were engaged
and married 7 months later in the SLC temple.
Happy anniversary and thanks for the 20 years.

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