Friday, September 7, 2012

My first e-book!

With the help of a writer friend I met at a poetry conference 1.5 years ago, I've made the leap into e-books! A new way of marketing without the self publishing route of making paper copies and then barely making your expenses while you beat the bushes to find customers to purchase your book. Now I am listed on Amazon and they will sell my e-book to the world and helped me put make an author profile.

Of course I still need to get the word out, but at least my book is available somewhere and ONLINE to buy then use on a kindle or computer with free kindle software! The book is Family Home Evenings for Empty Nesters and Singles which I self-published last year. I ordered 100 printed copies and probably have 30  left to sell at $10/each plus $5 shipping. Now you can buy this same book in digital format for $4.99 online and have it downloaded instantly to your Kindle or computer with free software from Amazon. What a world! Click on Amazon link above for details.


  1. it sounds like a good way to go, Lin. Good luck.

  2. I have a Nook or I would get it Lin.. Yea!!!!!!

  3. You're on the cutting edge, and from there you teach me plenty! Good luck with that.

  4. THAT, dear Lin, is exciting news! I've been thinking about such a thing myself.

    Congrats.... I've heard that people who put their paper books into eBooks get way more sold. So good wishes for lots and lots sold.