Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bird Refuge

 Near Bonners Ferry, Idaho-a lovely wildlife refuge

 We are less than 30 miles to the Canadian border

 A solitary bird enjoys his stopover.
 Water and greenness everywhere.

 Moyie Falls dam from above the bridge.

Workers were tangling from the bridge repairing it. 

Plenty of grass and water for all.

Kootenai River flows by.

 Definitely Moose territory but didn't see any.

 Taking a hike to the waterfall that feeds the refuge meadow.

 Ah, fresh cool water and shade also NO MOSQUITOES...

Looking down on the refuge.

It's a wild turkey flock nearby!


SandyCarlson said...

What a beautiful part of the country. Thank you, Lin.

gremhog said...

do you know, we have wild turkeys living around our church building. they are crazy....and dirty. but are fun to see.

Linda Reeder said...

Great scenery! And such a change for you from where you live.

Judy said...

Well, I love the moose you did find!
And wild turkeys are always fascinating!