Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn in UTAH

Caryn joined me in Park City for a writer's conference.
We had a great slumber party and opportunities to talk.

 My friend Marilyn Ball and I shared an author's table.

Caroll  Shreeve, a local author, dressed in western wear.

Coming back, we drove through rural Heber Valley, Utah

Autumn leaves in the mountains are in full swing.

 The yellow aspens are all that is missing.

Love the clear air up high as the urban areas are filled with 
wildfire smoke from Idaho, and Washington 

Ah, Rocky Mountain high, love the mountains and trees. 

Utah is more than red rocks and deserts.


  1. Oh wow your fall colors are beautiful!! Ours are barely turning so far.

  2. How lovely you got to enjoy time with Caryn. You both look lovely in that pic.

    And those photos you've taken sharing more of Utah's beauty... they must be so breathtaking in real life, if these are any indication.

  3. Those trees are ablaze with colour (there is a reason that is a cliche...)!! Ours are not really started yet...

  4. Lovely! and sorry about that smoke!

  5. Oh wow! The fall colors are absolutely spectacular. Glad you're getting to spend time with Caryn.

  6. The photos are awesome, I love the colors of fall!