Saturday, September 22, 2012

Article #213 Intellectual Growth

            It’s important throughout your life to keep your mind and intellect challenged or engaged. Hobbies or pastimes can help or taking a community education class to open up new horizons in your life even for retirees. Old dogs can learn new tricks! Interacting with grandchildren or improving your computer skills can help you keep the jump on aging. Retirement years are not the time to forget about self-improvement. As long as you are still breathing, there are always new things to master. If you want to learn. Reading and developing skills like hiking, rock polishing, jewelry making, woodworking, card games or sudoko-crossword puzzles can keep your mind active.
            Many resources are available today through the Internet, libraries, nearby college campuses and community education classes to enrich your daily life. You could volunteer for a worthwhile endeavor that requires you to think like tutoring school children or teaching English as a second language. In your journal make a list of some activities you’d like to try if you are retired or hope to be sometime in the future. Is there a talent or hobby that you could improve or share with others?
            I’ve found that teaching others some subject is a great way to stimulate my own learning as I focus on how to do something. Right now I’m interested in visual journaling or art journals as a way of making breakthroughs in understanding my own emotions. I want to develop artistic abilities I had in my younger years but neglected as I focused on surviving as a single parent. I remember my son asking me Why don’t you dance any more? Dancing was a great love of mine in my younger years. But in my middle age years, working to put bacon on the table took precedence. Now in my retirement years, I have the luxury and health to enjoy hobbies without limit. Though my spirit’s willing, my body has aged. 
            Here’s a hobby list to consider: photography, water aerobics, line dancing, poetry, visual journaling, hiking, travel, family relationships, mentoring youth, writing, church service or genealogy are just a few items on my plate at this time. I will never be bored as there is always something to learn. Now it’s time for you to make a list, then a commitment to make some time in your daily schedule to develop a new talent or interest. NEXT TIME: Spiritual Nourishment 


  1. interesting. i took an ASL 1 class and loved it. signed up for a second class and have been chiding myself. I'm so old, why would I want to learn ASL and when would I ever use it. and will there be a need for this in the next life? of course why do I feel i need to/want to.

    my friend said it keeps the brain working and wiring (her mom has alzheimers and she's always looking for ways to keep brains going.

    wonder if this is really true. do you know?

  2. Great post, Lin. You're right there's always lots of interesting things to do to stay active and engaged in learning.