Thursday, September 13, 2012

Article #212 Social Well Being

            Being a well rounded individual is more than adding pounds to your frame, it’s living with balance in all areas of your life: physical, intellectual, emotional. social, and spiritual. Most of you probably have a part of your life that needs attention. Living in communities, some individuals thrive by being social while others are quite shy-afraid of making new contacts or starting a conversation with someone they don’t know. Social skills can be developed with making an effort and courage. It’s more comfortable being a hermit, safe in your cave without any social contact, but you are missing out on so much.
            Making friends and connecting with others, especially in families and communities is so important. That’s how you learn from others’ examples as you interact. Youth especially need socializing. Showing that you value them as individuals by asking questions about concerns they are dealing with including events in the news and issues in your community and at their schools. Try to remember what it was like as a teenager and your worries about the future. Connect with a teen whether a grandchild, child or neighborhood kid. Be a mentor, share a hobby or interest whether it’s fishing, handiwork or cooking. Everyone needs someone to care and take an interest in their life. Besides, it will do your own self esteem good as you serve or relate to someone else.

            Sincere caring and sending value to those difficult to reach can pay rewards over time with consistency and love. We all need each other. Special friends who help us along our way can be close family members or strangers we meet at work or school. Think back, when was the last time you met a new person and made the effort to become their friend? You were introduced and noted their name. Perhaps you asked them for their phone number or invited them to an activity you enjoy. It’s not that difficult to make friends, but many people get in a rut and are comfortable in their own small world. New contacts can enlarge your outlook and introduce you to new hobbies or activities that can enrich your life. Try to make a new friend this week. In your journal, make a list of possible places you could contact someone: church, work, community, hobbies, etc. The list is endless. Then do something. You’ll be happy you did. NEXT TIME: Intellectual Growth

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SandyCarlson said...

Being well rounded takes a bit of time to figure out. Life sure is an adventure. May we all encounter the grace we need along the way.