Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer is here!

We've hit the 100 degree mark and it will soon be a permanent part of our daily weather forecast. Time for changes and new opportunities. I'm all involved in writing for grants for our new Utah Poet Laureate to come and teach at next year's Poetry in the Park workshop in March. Lots to do still, though I'm trying to make more time for me to relax and unwind after a busy busy year. I'm enjoying water aerobics 3 times/week MWF at our community pool then hubby and I have started walking 3 times/week on the off days-T Th Sa. It's amazing to have my spouse up by 6 am so we can get out while it's still cool to work in the garden and go for a walk. 

 Today Allen planted a yellow rose of Texas in our anniversary garden 

while I picked a bowl full of fresh strawberries, 
then we had breakfast and a walk before it was even 8 am.

  I'm loving summer so far and the smell of flowers

  honeysuckle is blooming everywhere this time of year.

What are you doing these days? How does the weather affect you? Please leave a comment, it's not that difficult and makes my day to see that someone has read my post and took the time to respond.


  1. Wow. 100 degrees all ready. I can see why people in hot climates take siestas. You have to be active early or late in the day, and rest in the middle.

  2. I love the heat. I sat out on my patio (shaded) and read for an hour on Wednesday afternoon. My main gripe is the stores that over-compensate by cooling them to 65 degrees. I have to take a sweater to shop.

  3. Wow! I'm so impressed with all your strawberries, Lin. I wish I had some. The weather has been pleasant over here. 100 degrees would really do me in!

  4. so do you plant a new perennial every year on your anniversary?