Friday, May 25, 2012

Dental Woes

Just returned from the TOTURE chamber;
a session with my dental hygenist.
Scraping my mouth clean, it was so painful!
She said, You MUST brush and floss daily.

Well I never forget to eat, but sometimes
the other part gets forgotten till too late.
Now I’m told the plaque germs are busy
ATTACKING my gums and jaw bone.

Germs aren’t nice and will work for food
especially if someone forgets to brush or
floss after eating that ENABLES them, 
the tooth bugs, to have a big banquet.

Did caveman have this problem or pioneers?
I doubt it, they probably just pulled out
teeth that got cavities or hurt.
TOOTHLESS doesn’t sound fun either.


Linda Reeder said...

Oh, oh. You've been caught. Better get with the program. The tooth fairy doesn't come at your age.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh no..hope your mouth feels better soon..

gremhog said...

i am a bit fanatical about brushing often during the day, and flossing as often as I remember. But my retired UPS guy came by last week and showed me a pic of his great great uncle who had a lopsided jaw because he was poor, had a tooth ache, and decided to pull out the tooth himself...and broke his jaw. very sad.