Monday, April 16, 2012

Street Painting-Kayenta

On Saturday a street painting festival was scheduled in Kayenta-
local art community. Despite the rain, the artist's were 
out trying to do their creative work.

It's no easy matter to copy their art idea onto asphalt with chalks.

This lady has a great idea of using a piece of chalk on a stick to color with.

Extremely colorful, didn't see the finished product.

Notice the rain gear-it was very cool and wet outside.

We returned to the Blue Raven Art Studio that my friend Carroll owns.

My grand daughter Heather's art work-love her colors.

Once you start doing zentangle designs, you notice them everywhere.

This is the same artist that does the Barbie dolls.

What expressions.

These were very intricate wire sculptures.


  1. Being with you online is a rich experience, and being with you in person must also be incredible experience. That sidewalk art is amazing.

  2. Very interesting works of art in many different mediums.

  3. you must live in a very artful, creative area. love that chalk face. too bad you didn't get to see the finished project but I bet it was super

  4. beautiful artwork..I love the different types..each with their own beauty