Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grandparenting Time

Having fun with my twin grand daughters age 13 almost 14. It's interesting being a (grand) parent again 24/7 and exhausting. The girls are on their best behavior which is what I call the "honeymoon" stage. Hopefully it will last till their parents and two brothers arrive on Wed-tomorrow. We have gone grocery shopping, walking, swimming, to the post office and grocery store, ate on the patio plus played croquet. It's interesting to have the opportunity to talk with them without the distractions they have at home-tv, games, brothers, phone calls, etc. We've listened to music and talked lots, almost nonstop. An opportunity to build their self worth and pass on our family legacy. We've even found time for zentangling and  homework they were given for spring break. I discovered teenage girls giggle a lot...

 Emilee and I are putting together a puzzle just like I used to do 
with my grandmother Vernon. It took us several days to finish.

 Grandpa came and helped out-he's really good at puzzles.
I didn't know that about him...lol!

We dug out our old croquet game and Grandpa
taught us the proper way to play-of course he won.

Time for Zentangle, Heather above shows her original design,

and Emilee above with her creation. They both love it!

Eating out on the patio is so fun, it's 80 degrees now.

Fixing each other's hair.


  1. How wonderful to have this time with them while they are still young enough to want to do what you do! Good job, Grandma.

  2. delightful spring break! girls look like they are fun. I taught Zentangle to my grandson during church...he's 12, almost 13, and it showed. But youth! they catch on so fast. I'm also teaching it to my friend's 3rd/4th grade class after testing after break.

  3. Lin, what a wonderful time you must have had. Lovely granddaughters. And I see you're sharing the Zentangle fun too!

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all, and I would've been napping 5 minuttes after they left! You sure accomplished a lot. They are lucky to have such a neat g'ma.

  5. Lin..I am sure you are the best Grandma with these 2 beautiful young ladies..then can you rest up?...

  6. Looks like a wonderful time. those girls are blessed to have you for a Gram.