Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Article #191 Success or Failure

Why is it that inner voices are always trying to tell you well, that wasn’t good enough, you could have done better or now you’re in trouble. It’s like a stern inner critic trying to stop your progress, making you feel like a failure. If you are guilty of some major misbehavior in your life, it can be a warning voice to change your path. Generally it’s not that, but doubts that get put in your way.

We are very good at JUDGING ourselves and others rather than being ENCOURAGING. Realizing that no one is perfect and as long as you keep trying, you haven’t failed. Whether it’s parenting, marriage, grand parenting or some other task, try to compliment yourself on your progress or at least the persistence you are showing to solve whatever problems or challenges life has given you.

A friend of mine recently almost had a heart attack, luckily she made it to the hospital before serious damage was done to this vital organ. Now she has to cope with recovery from a serious illness and the test to her patience daily. Usually an active person, exercising and walking several miles a day, she is asked to only walk inside her home 5 minutes three times a day to build back her strength. What a challenge, but necessary for her recovery.

Whatever your challenge or task may be: physical, emotional, social or intellectual, you can be successful or succeed if you use your creativity to understand how this situation can be for your growth. Dealing with rebellious teenagers who may now be middle aged can zap your strength and lead to feelings of FAILURE-if you let those little negative voices inside have their way. Instead confront those voices and argue your point. You haven’t failed unless you’ve STOPPED trying. That grown teenager is meeting his or her own challenges and trying to find his or her way in the world and needs your love and connection despite the misbehavior. Just as you do.

As Winston Churchill, prime minister of England said during the dark days of WWII, Never, never, never give up. Despite the severity of your trials/challenges or tasks, others are there to support and help you on your way. Friends, family and a higher power can bless your life as you take responsibility for making the best of what is presented to you. Make lemonade out of your lemons. 


  1. Well, this is certainly helpful to me as I try to make some hard decisions looming in my near future. Thanks for the pep talk, again!

  2. I hope your friend makes a speedy and good recovery is hard to squeeze those lemons sometimes...

  3. We are unduly hard on ourselves, I think--in the same we we are likely to absorb a single negative experience and let it obliterate an otherwise perfect day. Our souls crave kindness, yet we are first to deny ourselves of it.