Monday, April 2, 2012

April-Poetry Month

Caryn and I went to the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery to see five of my poems and accompanying art works that were created to express my words. Lots of creativity going on here. I had five poems selected to make art works for. One was my poem about the Indian woman.

 Feeling a little overwhelmed by poetry this past month with so many workshops attended and taught plus the Youth Poetry Contest that I started last year had its deadline March 31. Last year I had 106 entries, this year 240 from students 1st-12th grade. Some teachers required them to enter the contest. Now to judge all this, just organizing the entries has been a task and a half. And I volunteered to do this to help others find their voices. It's sponsored by the Utah State Poetry Society-Dixie Chapter of which I'm co-president and the Tuacahn Saturday Market. We will give out awards this coming Saturday plus put on a little half hour show called Intro to Poetry at Tuacahn.

Ready to write and learn more about poetry.

Beautiful views out every window.

Time to commune with nature, warm weather.

A diverse group of poets and wannabes.

Park naturalist clues us in on the ecology of the Zion Park.

Our teacher was Texas poet Bud Powell Mahan-tall man in the center

Sharing our new poems at the end of the day.

Fun group of writers from mostly Utah, teacher is from Texas.


gremhog said...

wonder if i'd be inspired to be poetic if i sat amongst nature. one day I might have to give it a try..but the day would have to be not hot, no bugs, and definitely not humid. better be soon.

Rambling Woods said...

This has been a busy time for you but you have such a full, active and creative life Lin..

SandyCarlson said...

That looks like a wonderful time and place!