Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Overcoming slumps!

Well, my BFF Caryn and I have been comparing notes:
her family came for the whole week after Christmas while
I stayed home alone with hubby for the holidays BUT
we were both fell in a slump afterwards...AMAZING isn't it!

There is something about the holidays and expectations
whether they are met or not than can trigger melancholy
like ghosts of Christmas past and those yet to come.
Will our family ever be unified or will we be together again?

Both extremes seem to tug at the heart strings; so a few
tears are shed as we lament our life's situation whatever
it is...seems silly, doesn't it? To cry over what you don't
have or what you do have. I do think women are crazy.

Breaking free from slumps is not that easy as I've tried
writing and writing, crying then talking with others, but
sometimes you just have to give your feelings a voice,
own them, then get disgusted with all the wasted energy
AND MOVE ON into the NEW YEAR. My latest resolution!


  1. I agree with you. The holidays are stressful and I look forward to them being over...every year.
    Hang in there. 2012 certainly has the potential to be good...bring it on!

  2. I'm ready for the newness of 2012, too. Fresh start, fresh dreams.

  3. I was and am emotionally exhausted from events this holiday..I need to rest up I think..

  4. I can relate to this. Sometimes I just want to put the calendar ahead and forget about it. Over the years I have come to appreciate the minor holidays and the small celebrations that bring family and friends together without all the stuff that ends up hurting--and not for any good reason.

  5. I'm wishing you happiness and exhilaration in this new year, Lin!

  6. I think this is the first year in four years that I didn't fall into a slump because of the holidays--maybe because I have hope again and I am excited to start this new year!