Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forgetting Priorities

In our fast paced world it's so easy
to get the cart before the horse
then realize that the correct priority
is hooking the cart behind the horse.

It's that way with priorities, certain
things get done first because they
seem necessary NOT most important.
Most relationships take second place

to filling the car with gas, shopping
for groceries, doing the dishes, etc.
It's only when you slow down and
consider what you value most,
then LIFE can be prioritized.


1. SELF CARE-eating properly and EXERCISING
always seems to be last on my schedule, if at all.

2. FAMILY TIME-reaching out in person or through
other communications to let relatives know I care
especially my spouse who I see everyday and can
take for granted.

3. SPIRITUAL FEEDING-remembering that scripture
study and prayer can help me align my priorities.

What are your priorities?


  1. Well said, my friend. We must put on our own oxygen mask before we can help others with theirs. May we all breathe easy!

  2. Absolutely the truth! I will try to follow your lead!

  3. What a good list! You are absolutely right that quite often we mess up on our priorities-- I do so much!

  4. first i think i need to get a cart....or maybe the horse, too. There are moments I am wondering what's next. love the graphic!