Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boat building 101

Hubby now has two work tables up in our garage.

Looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle-it is!

Lots and lots of pieces to sand and assemble.

Instructions always help-they were in French, now translated to English!

Lot of fun hours ahead, before the boat is ready...

These are the sides of the boat that will glued together.
Good luck to my retired engineer hubby, have fun!


  1. Fascinating .Please do show the project updates from time to time.

  2. Keep us posted on this one! Looks like he is doing an great job on this.

  3. I hope he's having fun! Please keep us posted as the project progresses.

  4. It does look like a huge seems like he enjoys doing that kind of thing...I will enjoy his progress via your blog...

  5. That's a busy task but I bet it will have a great ending.