Monday, October 3, 2011

Visiting Family in NM

Enjoying the Farmer's market, I've been too busy to blog...

Roasting green chiles

At Saturday Farmers market with Hakan, his dad and mom

Fun colorful blossoms for sale at the Farmer's Market

A variety of cool stuff available including food

Plus fresh produce to cook for dinner

Including tomatoes and squash

Fish, squash with tomatoes, beet and argula salad

The menfolk are ready to eat...

Mediterriarian fish broiled on the grill-delicious

The cook Nedret loves to prepare special food for guests


  1. oh nedret...what i loved most about these pix is that you know how to set a lovely table. placemats, cloth kind of table but one that is so seldom seen today. Thanx.

    And ought to be too busy to's Family. I am always amazed to see how tall Frank V is even tho I know Brook tops him. Frank has the "look". Great photos

  2. What a nice place to visit. I love the rugs...they are beautiful.

  3. Dear Susan, thank you !! that table should have had a linnen cloth and candles.. my house has been in disarray since my work load is taking most of my time .. I was actually embarrassed since my napkins were not quite pressed with starch. but I've done my best at the moment. thank you for noticing that. Hope I will be able to feed you and mom one day in the same time.

  4. Lovely table with all the delicious looks like the weather is great and that you are having a great time....