Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun to be a student again

I've been learning new things lately as a student
in several mac computer and tutoring classes.
Nothing like a one on one session to increase
the learning and interaction with a teacher.

I signed up for help at Simply Mac with a tutor
learning more about I-movie and even got motivated
enough to upgrade my operating system to Snow
Leopard and buy an external hard drive for backup.

I'm amazed I even know what all these terms mean,
but I almost do. In fact I've been known to teach
classes and demonstrate picasa and imovie without
even knowing all there is to know. That's how I learn.

But I always like to keep learning and there is no end
to the amount of things you can learn at any age.
As long as you keep active and ask questions, explore
your world and technology is an ever changing area.

What would you like to learn about that you don't know now?


  1. Your thirst for learning shines in all you do and write about.... you continue to inspire moi over here!

  2. I'd like to learn Photoshop and use more of my Mac's potential!

  3. Many things...this winter I am going to study more about gardening especially native gardening and I would like to work more on the family history and read about will be busy..