Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Sanctuary

At a poetry workshop in March we were challenged to write down a list of words as a poet read his piece, then we were to use those words to make our own poem. It was an interesting assignment. My words were: apathy, strangle, discontent, mystery, shadow, dodges, lone and excuses. (Photo was taken in the Mohave desert in April.)

I lay still, strangled by excuses.
No words escape my lonely lips.
Shadows cover my reality,
dodging my discontent.

Mysteries dwell within eclipses,
hidden from my steps.
No chance for any empathy,
only inner malcontent.

Then it appears, a smile escapes,
reality returns and keeps
breaking down my apathy.
I am back, no more absent.


  1. Oh, this is good. I would call it "Overcoming Inertia", something I struggle with frequently.

  2. 'strangled with excuses'... on my that really says it, doesn't it!

    I'm linking this posting on my blog today..... and facebook too.....

    Happy day.......... no more strangling......

  3. Excellent poem, Lin. What a clever job you did fitting the list of words into a poem with meaning.

  4. I like the way smiles and reality break through the darkness.

  5. That is really a thought provokong poem. Great!

  6. Your poems are always so inspiring Lin.

  7. This is a good exercise..I wish I could reach people with words as you do Lin...