Monday, June 28, 2010

Finding ROOTS

How amazing it is to trace your roots back in time. I found my Vernon ancestral home in Derbyshire, England recently, and then with more help from I found where my husband's FLOYD family comes from-Wales. (Photo from wikipedia.) I know nothing about that country except it is next to England and the people there speak a very strange language.

I'm told Wales has wild and picturesque landscapes and they speak a strange language called Welsh. Here's an example: P'nawn da! Sut wyt ti? Dw i'n trio dysgu siarad Cymraeg. This is how the Internet translated that: Blunt ' we do good! Manner you are being you? Dw I ' heartburn triads learn speak Welsh. (It loses something in translation. Lol) The country has quite a vast history from Celtic to Anglo Saxons, vikings and Romans who have tried to settle in the area. Would love to visit it one day.


  1. It is fascinating to study our family roots. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in it that I feel like I know the people personally.

  2. Wow, what an amazing journey you are on to find out more of your families history! Sounds like one has to almost be a detective!

  3. That is a lovely photo..not sure if I could speak the

  4. What we find. Where we go. I love it. Wales? I think the heart of the place is in the works of Dylan Thomas. "Fern Hill" comes to mind immediately.

    God bless, Lin.

  5. I have been to northern Wales. Sheep studded green hills, rugged rocks jutting out, estate gardens and castles, dark stone villages and narrow roads, coal mining country - all beautiful, and with names we couldn't begin to figure out how to pronounce.
    But life in those dark stone villages must have been very harsh back in the coal mining days.