Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Promise of Blooming

Tightly wrapped buds swell
breaking forth into glorious
multi-colored blossoms
fulfilling their potential
with promises of fruit to come.

I gave birth to sons,
fathers in embryo,
hoping they will bloom
while I can watch over them.
Knowing it isn't always possible,
generations of families have passed on
before I came. Leaving their fruits for me
to discover and build upon.

Someday, we each will experience that mystery
called death that calls us all home.
It may come unexpectedly and suddenly,
for others it will be after much suffering
and a slow passage of time.
The mystery of what lies ahead
is revealed only to those who depart.

New blossoms burst forth
as grandchildren replace the aged ones
who have lived their lives so fully.
Not wanting to leave us,
they reluctantly leave for home
and loved ones who have been waiting
for them in the next estate.

Making room for new growth
and continuing the cycle
of life called family,
generations without end.


  1. Lovely. That appears to be a mimosa tree in one of the pictures. We had mimosa trees in Texas.

    Blogger must be doing strange things to you. I never found your flag post. The title showed up but when I clicked on it your 'Power's Off' post always came up.

  2. I like the way you have captured the cycle of family life here.

  3. I love this poem. You've captured life beautifully.

  4. That is life isn't it..I love how you are using photos with your poetry Lin...