Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another summer begins

The heat returns as perspiration drips
from my brow after a late evening walk.
How quickly I had forgotten summer heat
during the long colder winter months.

Now it comes suddenly reminding me
of the need for iced drinks and cooler
times of sitting under the fan while
the air conditioner provides its relief.

Soon we will be complaining of how
hot it is and wishing it were winter
once again. How fickle we people are,
always wanting what we don't have.


  1. I vowed I will never again complain about the heat. Last summer here we had three weeks of rain in June and several weeks of the same in July, which did not help the areas which depend upon the summer tourists. So far we have had perfect, sunny days..a few close to the 80s. Actually today we are expecting rain and I am happy to see it come, the gardens need the water.

  2. I thought of that yesterday when the sun came out and the temps rose to 67. I don't like the heat. I'll stick with the rain.

  3. Hi Lin - I just read the little blurb about you in the Ensign! Nice work! Someone over there needs to be told that you are a She though! Darn! :) Very cool though!

  4. This is true, and it makes me think of the silly habit we have of turning up the air to get under the blankets! Not like the olden days....when we didn't sleep from June to October.

  5. I really feel the heat, so I am hoping it will cool off a little bit.

  6. It's extremely hot here this week, more like late July or August. But, I'm not complaining. I love summer...sweat and all.

  7. It used to be very hot and humid here at this time of the year...but this really we are really lucky as the daily few hrs rain shower is keeping my city cool and breezy.

    How are you Lin ?I have missed you.

  8. LOL YOu have been looking in my window! I dread summers here in FLorida especially at my age when the hot can come anytime! lol But I hate the cold as much!

  9. Not only is it hot over here in Hawaii but they've got a drought going.