Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anniversary #17

At the rate I'm going with anniversaries,
it may not be in this life that I reach my
golden 50th wedding commemoration as
I will turn 70 next month, but I'm trying.

Only 33 more years to go so I'm hanging
in there. I've always thought those of us
who have been divorced should just be able to add up
the total years we've been married, and then party.

Let's see all together I've been married for
41 total years that's very close to 50 years
so I'd only have 9 more years to go. Then
there's my hubby, he was married 28 years.

Then divorces got us both off track, but we
neither of us gave up on the institution of marriage.
Here we are totally committed to each other
and strengthening our large blended family.


  1. I'm with ya! Congrats to both of you. Loved your slide show!

  2. A very beautiful photo. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. I'm so happy for you both, Lin. That really is a gorgeous photo.

  5. I am also very happy for you and your husband....I too am on a second marriage and this one is almost 28 years long....don't think I will make the 50 though....