Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too busy...

I was actually too busy yesterday and today
until now to even blog...amazing and all this
after my blog on simplifying your life-LOL!
That's too funny, evidently I'm not listening.

It's possible to schedule too many fun things,
then trying to do them all can be very tiring.
Maybe I'll try taking my own advice-slow down
take a nap or a cup of tea with some lite dessert.

Just breathing more, slowing down my life
would help...contemplating my priorities
how to spend my limited energies would do.
Today I taught a class Write your Life Story.

Seems I am writing mine each day by what
I plan to do and actually accomplish. Perhaps
I should rethink what's most important?
Relationships are at the top of my list.
Where's my hubby when I need him? Napping!


  1. Naps are a wonderful group project!

  2. I am a person who cannot nap during the day, and I wish I could. You are a busy woman and it has to be in your blood. God bless ya, Lin! I don't foresee you slowing down!

  3. Yep, I just posted that I wasn't sure how two days had gone by and I'm not sure what I did during them. Time flies when you're just doin' stuff.

  4. I love a nap and really need a nap or I can toooo fatigued by dinnertime...

  5. LIN!! YES! We got the book. I need to send you a thank you card!! What a treasure! Thanks so much!!! We were SUPER excited to get that! Thank you:)!

  6. Missed you yesterday! I sure wished I had some of your energy! I am getting rid of clutter (both physical and mental) and seem to be bogged down by it. So am stepping away from it for awhile.

  7. Enjoyed your light look at your blogging thoughts...... have to admit I'm searching my own life for that balance and pace that works for me at this time.

    BTW, your new grandbaby is beautiful......knows how to hold those fingers tight.... trying to get them to head straight for the mouth. Congratulations!!

  8. I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blogging, too. Everything seems to be getting in the way lately. I'll have to manage my time better.