Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of the month again

Is life rushing by you as fast as it is for me?
I can see the months turning into years
then decades too quickly as I use each day.
Today my hubby was so pleased at lunch
when I fixed his favorite food-pizza that
he said, I'm gonna miss you when I'm gone.

Feeling that he'll expire before me even
though he's younger, exasperates me
at looking ahead to that possibility.
I plan to live forever then be twinkled
into my next life but in case not, I'm
fine with expiring to a better place
and meeting loved ones waiting.

I say...Let's live this day fully,
being the best we can be,
loving those around us
trying to change only ourselves
and living without regrets.


  1. What a wonderful way to end your post. I will take that with me and follow it to the best of my ability!
    Thanks Lin;

  2. Oh Lin, such wonderful words to follow! A wonderful post.

  3. I want to eat life up with a fork and knife.

  4. It was sad and sweet what you hubby said..but we have to really appreciate our loved ones and let them know often....

  5. Nice to be reminded to live every day the best we can. I do agree with you, time races by, faster all the while.