Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How's it going?

I'm loving the New Year as I've made changes in my schedule. No longer teaching family history sunday school classes or doing the HWG-Heritage Writers Guild Newsletter, I have time to add new things. Today I attended my Image Catchers camera club and made contact with a retired professor who will help me learn how to make an IMovie with the .mov files I made of my newborn grand daughter Lorien. Then I joined the local chapter of Utah Poets Society and attended their first meeting. We had a lesson on poetic forms then read some of our own poems and got a critique. I'm been writing children's animal poems like crazy since I overcame my slump after the holiday season. I'll include another free verse one here. On to new adventures in the new year. I love it!

SKUNKS-OH NO! by Lin Floyd

Skunks are the crazy-est stinky-est critter ever
If you don’t believe me then you haven't met one
They are easy to find with just one white stripe
Right down their back, the rest of them is black
Their smell you won’t forget especially if
They ever spray you, you’ll stink forever
Only a tomato juice bath and time will help
Anyone coming near you will yelp “oh no”


Cheryl said...

Sounds as if your new year is off and running. Cute poem about the skunk!

Kay said...

Sigh... My neighbor did the tomato juice bath for their dog and I could still smell that certain skunk odor. Peeuww!

Janie B said...

Tomato juice doesn't actually work, but I have a recipe to take care of it (got it from the vet). Works!

Linda Reeder said...

Yep, so far my new year is going great, too. Nothing skunky about it.
I have my new serger to learn how to use. We also have a new photo progra - PhotoShop Elements - to learn about and play with. Tom has a new compressor and nailer set with which he can make creative projects like bird houses. We hqave been collecting old glassware to make yard art. We will be taking destination walks while waiting for spring. I'm beginning to plan a trip to New Mexico.
So much to do, and no deadlines. Lovely.

Rambling Woods said...

Cute skunk poem..I like that you are so involved in community activities...