Saturday, January 30, 2010

Earthquake Insurance

Well, living near a fault line in Southern Utah and having seen the destruction in Haiti by earthquakes, we decided it was time to get eathquake insurance for our home. Interesting how there are so many different kinds of insurance in our modern world: for our cars, homes, lives, medical needs, burial plans, etc. I think it makes us feel safer to have insurance on things important to us. Too bad there isn't also insurance for marriage success, obedient children, retirement and happiness also.

Somethings can't be guaranteed and indeed can almost be said to be part of the experience called life. Although we would wish for no health problems, prosperity, and constant happiness I wonder if that would really make us happy? There's a certain challenge to overcoming obstacles and improving our weaknesses that make for the growth that is part of this life and necessary.

What are your feelings about this topic?


  1. I wish there was health insurance for all Americans.

    We also live near a fault line here in Portland, Oregon. In Texas we didn't worry about earthquakes, just hurricanes and tornadoes.

    Thanks for listing my blog on your site. Perhaps someone will see it and visit my blog. It's fun whe we help each other.

  2. I look at some of the "ups and downs" in my life as lessons, although many times they sure don't seem that way! Be thankful for what we do have and roll with the punches so to speak!

  3. We have looked into buying earthquake insurance, since we live in Earthquake Alley, but our house is not anchored to the foundation as it needs to be to get insurance, and the cost of doing that is high.
    So as with much in life, we are taking our chances. Our home is our greatest investment, and if we lost it, it would be a financial disaster, but it would be a widespread disaster. That's why we have a disaster preparedness kit.

  4. I guess the only marriage insurance is a prenup. But that's not cool. Nothing worse than starting out on a beautiful thing with that gnawing cynicism, and yet....We'd do well to be careful with our resources every bit of the way.

    I look at your new grandbaby's picture and think there's no way I can be cynical anymore.

  5. We live where you need flood insurance, but there is also a fault line downstate a bit... Oh..I always tell my daughter that you don't know what you are made of until the going gets tough...but a little less drama in my life would be appreciated...

  6. You should have told me. Did you buy it already? Are you adding as an Optional Coverage to your existing Homeowners policy or looking for Stand Alone coverage? Email me. I want to tell you all about Earthquake Insurance (we write it on our Lloyd's contracts).